Friday, February 27, 2009

Michelle Obama Official First Lady Portrait Taken in Blue Room


Michelle Obama has been looking beautiful these days and she looked pretty a few nights ago at the White House Stevie Wonder concert.

Also, I dunno why her hand is on that table. It's bothering me and I'm not so sure I'll be able to get any sleep tonight. I MUST know why she posed like that!!!! Are they trying to impose some kind of cover up? Was she crunk? Did she lose her balance and need some support, what? All I know is that the First Lady looks great.
Michelle Obama's first official portrait as first lady was released by the White House Friday.

She appears in a Michael Kors black shift dress and pearls in the photo, taken in the famed home's "Blue Room."
Obama is also featured on the March cover of Vogue.

She's the second first lady -- after Hillary Clinton -- to appear on the front of the magazine.


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