Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why The Eff Does Nelly Furtado Want More Kids?

Canadian singer Nelly Furtado is desperate for another child after successfully balancing motherhood with her chart-topping pop career.

The star's three-year-old daughter Nevis is looked after by her extended family when Furtado is busy promoting her records.
And the arrangement works so well, Furtado is keen to add to her brood right away.

She says, "I want to have another child, even more if possible. And I don't want to wait too long until I have the second baby because the age gap to Nevis shouldn't be too big.

Mum during the day, rock star at night - that can be pretty stressful. But I take my family with me wherever I go. So if I have a gig or an interview, someone will take care of her. Most of the time, it works out pretty well."
Nelly Furtado has been doing really well in the music biz recently and her family has her back and ish, but that's not parenting. A "rock star at night" lifestyle would "work out pretty well" for anyone.

The bitch needs to get into a stable relationship before she starts talking about getting knocked up again. Didn't know "Promiscuous Girl" was autobiographical.


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