Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paris Hilton And Jenna Jameson Are Supposed To Help Girls Lose Their Virginity

Famed on-camera sexhibitionists Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson have been contacted about "participating" in a reality show currently in production called "Virgin Territory," in which a group of the uninitiated will find their way to the promised land.

Ironically, it's being brought to TV by the purveyor of Paris' sex tape, Kevin Blatt, who predicts that even more people will watch "Territory" than "One Night in Paris," Hilton's infamous night-visioned romp.

To help stock his TV larder, Blatt will be unveiling giant billboards in Times Square and Los Angeles; soliciting actual, live virgins in those cities. "Finding virgins in NYC or Los Angeles is no easy task," says Blatt.
As 'ha ha' as this story may be, this is absolutely disgusting and disturbing. Who the eff is this Kevin Blatt pervert?! I'm grossed out, and for once its not the wonky eyed socialite who caused my disgust - now that's just sick.


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