Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fantasia On TRL, She Looks...

Dare I say, ... er, um, hot?!!!!The spaceships are comin' y'all. Grab some canned goods, flashlights, matches, and cash. This is some apocalypse now shit. Fo shizzle.

Why are "special" people supporting American Idol? - Holy Candy
The truth behind Lindsay Lohan's Miu Miu ads. The pics really don't look like Lindsay - Ninja Dude
Dakota Fanning's controversial movie isn't making it to theatres?! - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
Anne Heche and her husband split. She's now dating her TV show co-star. I can't wait for her to turn "lesbian" again. - Evil Beet
Former bassist for Social Distortion died today from... - Celebrity Smack
Lindsay thinks a hoodie = incognito - Celebrity Puke
Fashion week in Paris - Girls Talkin' Smack
Britney Spears' Aunt has passed away - Gone Hollywood
Eva Longwhoria trying her best to look hot in March's issue of Arena magazine - Nosy Snoop
What's the one thing Gwen Stefani says she won't wear? - Into Gossip
Akon humps Tara Reid - Juicy-News
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are together again - Celebitchy
Madonna's new ad pic - Monica Monroe
Elijah Wood sounds off on Jared Leto
Gwyneth Paltrow shouldn't say her name and mention Britney Spears within the same sentence

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