Monday, March 15, 2010

Todrick Hall: Glee's Newest Cast Member

American Idol booted off contestant Todrick Hall, 24, says that he has his sights on Fox's hit show "Glee."

Todrick said, “I am making it my personal job now to be my own campaign manager to get myself a role on Glee.“I think I would be perfect for that show so anytime anyone asks me what I am doing now, I tell them that I would love, love, love to be a cast member on Glee

"I didn’t even think about campaigning for that until Simon said the other night, ‘You look like you are doing American Idol: The Musical,’ and then Randy chimed in and said, ‘Glee!’ ”

The problem with Todrick's dream is that it is cocky and it shows that he clearly didn't really care too much about becoming "the next American Idol." I must admit, I think he'd be a riot on the show because he is clearly a major diva!

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