Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joel Madden Cheating on Nicole Richie with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is strictly vagina now, she doesn't want Joel Madden, but Star magazine is implying that Joel Madden cheated with Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie was crying over it.Lindsay: I'm just going to keep staring at Joel until I figure out what Nicole Richie sees in him.

Joel: Where am I?

Star Magazine claims that Nicole Richie was "crushed" because it seemed that her boyfriend Joel Madden was "more interested in a seductive Lindsay than in spinning records."
Nicole was immediately alerted to the situation by her arch-frenemy Paris Hilton, who sent her a devastating text message: Lindsay was all over Joel!

“Their heads were practically touching, and he had his leg over hers,” says one onlooker. “Joel has a flirtatious side, and he definitely wasn’t turning her away.”
Making the situation worse, Nicole frantically tried to call Joel, but he wasn’t answering his phone. “He was so zeroed in on Lindsay, he never heard his cell ring,” a friend of the couple tells Star. “Nicole felt so incredibly helpless and upset that she threw her phone against the wall in a rage.”

Um, I really hope Nicole Richie didn't get upset. Lindsay Hohan is a lesbian and she's not into troll dick. Nothin' to worry about.

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