Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Natalie Portman Pee, Natalie Portman Dog Pees on Natalie Portman Picture

Check out this awesome photo of Natalie Portman getting pissed on by some nappy ass dog. She should've just kicked the little bastard. Send that sucker soarin' through the air! Betcha he'd think twice about pissing on someone again. ;)
Portman, who has been spotted in the West Village in recent days with her bearded boyfriend, Venezuelan-born folk singer Devendra Banhart, was walking her dog with him yesterday when the brazen piddling took place. While she was getting a pup's-eye view of the surroundings from ground level, another stroller's frisky pet raised its hind leg, relieved itself right on her shoes - and then ambled on its way.


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