Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse Snorts Vodka, Amy Winehouse Snorts Vodka Then Keeps Drinking

Amy Winehouse continues to flirt with disaster by snorting vodka, a very dangerous way to get intoxicated faster!Fug disaster and crackhead bitch Amy Winehouse is now using her nostrils to not only snort cocaine, but to also snort vodka.
Amy, 24, had a go at the potentially lethal game during another of her wild nights out at London's trendy Bungalow 8.The Rehab star played the rather unpleasantly named "Gas Chamber" game. Medics say it's dangerous because it gets alcohol absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

"She was sat next to Kelly and Miquita when she covered one nostril, tilted her head back and sucked the vodka shot down her open nostril through a straw. She threw back her head and reeled in shock and everyone around her looked stunned."
Wino reportedly then "knocked back" more cocktails.

Ya know, Snarky and I have had many talks about Amy Winehouse. Snarky loves her, while I can't stand Wino. I actually don't like Amy being mentioned on POTP at all, but the bitch is just too crazy! I think I'm gonna up the coverage of this crazy ho.

And, honestly, this snorting vodka thing sounds like a lot of fun. It just does. But it's not worth it, apparently, and considering how wasted I got on Saturday through traditional consumption methods, I don't think I wanna put no booze up my nostrils.

Amy and everyone else, stay safe!


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