Monday, January 29, 2007

Paris Hilton RespondsTo www.parisexposed.com's Revealing Content

The myspace blog begins with a note from Niarchos:
"Yoooo - if u didn't kno P doesn't have her public account anymore. She was forced to delete it after the amount of publicity it got (wit the whole Britney blog) She wanted to put out a little message to the fans because I let her kno about the ammount of fanmail I hav been getting...and its ridic"
Followed by Paris' message
I'm sure you've heard it over the news or on some gossip blog - but there has been a website that was made. On the website contains personal things, pictures/videos/writings..etc.

Yes, I am ashamed and overly embarassed about my personal items being put publicly out there. The videos and pictures contain some explit things, and things that I've done in the past. PLEASE note that the pictures and videos were from years ago, when I was wild and just partied all the time.

I'm writing this because I want my fans to know that I am no longer that way that is shown on the website. It's unfortunate that things had to be let out this way, and I am extremely sad that some one would go out of their way just to make me feel low.

It just go's to show that I have people out there to get me for something I haven't done... & it's too bad that people treat me in such an unkind and cruel way, when I have done nothing to anyone.

I know that my true fans will stick with me until this goes away. I want to thank those who have been nothing but possitive with the situation.

Love always,
Myspace really needs to install spellcheck!

UPDATE: www.parisexposed.com is off the net!!! I receive an "error" message when I tried to type in the address and source the pic. Is it because the creator of www.parisexposed.com will be sued?

Joe Francis,
Girls Gone Wild pervert/exploiter/creator said he's going to sue:
Paris Hilton and "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis have amassed a pit-bull legal team to attack the creators of parisexposed. com - a pay-to-view Web site boasting Hilton's most cringe-worthy memorabilia, including porn videos made during their months-long courtship.

"We're pissed and I feel for Paris right now. She's been victimized yet again. We want this thing down and we're seeking monetary damages."

Francis said that videos of him with a topless Hilton were only intended for their eyes, and that the sex-crazed heiress is "devastated" that they've been made available to the public.

"They were taken for us only when we were dating. These guys have absolutely no right to use the images - they flat-out put them on the Web with no permission. He messed with the wrong person."

Francis said Hilton is also seeking criminal charges because the site's creators -"Sultan of Sleaze" David Hans Schmidt and broker Bardia Persa - posted her medical records, revealing she was taking Valtrex to treat herpes.
It's really sad that Paris can't take a picture, have sex, save a phone number, or send a text message without being exposed.

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