Monday, January 22, 2007

Paris Hilton Accepts Plea Deal In DUI Case

Hilton entered a plea of no contest Monday to a lesser charge of reckless driving and was placed on 36 months probation. She must also pay a fine of $390 and attend an alcohol education program.

"We believe this was an appropriate resolution given the facts in this matter and both sides' desire to avoid a trial on the original charges," says Hilton's attorney, Howard Weitzman.

Two weeks ago, the heiress pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of DUI.

Hilton, 25, was arrested Sept. 7 just after midnight for driving erratically in her silver Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in Hollywood, according to the LAPD.
It's a shame Parisite's bony ass isn't going to jail. Someone was bound to punch the ho in the eye and even out her wonky eye situation.


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