Thursday, January 25, 2007

Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci At The "Black Snake Moan" Movie Premiere

I'm a Christina Ricci fan so I can't wait to see "Black Snack Moan." Christina and Justin Timberlake have some really "hot" love scene in the beginning of the movie. Don't get excited tho. They probably won't show us what he workin' wit.

I remember I was all amped to watch Eminem's "really hot" love scene with Brittany Murphy in "8 Mile," I wanted a refund. Who the eff has sex fully clothed?! Eminem had his shirt AND his pants on during their fast fuck.

"Black Snake Moan" better not piss me off like that... oh ya, moving on. Justin was seen sending text messages. I don't think he was texting through the movie, probably just during a preview. Weird that someone turned around and took that bright pic of JT all up in his grill?!

holy candy

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