Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is Rachel Ray A Racist Bitch?

December 3, 2005, at around 7:00 PM, Rachel Ray, along with seven others, went to Houston's Restaurant in the mall.

She was drinking red wine and lots of it -- one source says a minimum of four big glasses.

We're told Ray became "extremely loud and aggressive," and began dissing Oprah. Sources say she told the group about a portrait of Oprah that sits in the lobby of Harpo Productions in Chicago.

It's from the movie "Beloved" and shows Winfrey's back, enhanced with scars. She's also wearing a skirt from the slavery era.

Back at the table, sources say Ray launched into attack mode: "Why is she wearing slave drag? She obviously has problems being black."

But Oprah wasn't Ray's only target. Sources say she told the group how much she liked Jennifer Aniston and then called Brad Pitt a "pussy boy." But her harshest comments were reserved for Angelina Jolie, calling her "a skanky, backdoor c**t."

TMZ contacted the Director of Publicity for Rachael Ray, Charlie Dougiello, who said, "Rachael did attend the dinner referenced and enjoyed wine and good conversation with friends and colleagues. She denies making any of the comments referenced."

Dougiello also said, "There were several associates of Rachael's at that table who, unprompted, agreed that Rachael never made any of the comments she is being accused of making."
I love me some Rachel Ray, so I'm on the fence with all this. TMZ's headline said, 'Racial Ray.'

She was a drunken bitch. People tend to have no idea of what life is like for those who are a different race other than themselves. Oprah wearing 'slave drag' in "Beloved" was just an homage to a part history, part fable slave story.

Rachel needs to start drinking on the show. She sounds like the kind of ho you know used to strip at frat parties or get it on with the football team. And who couldn't use a spike in ratings? Drink up.


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